The Business Casual Yogi
The Business Casual Yogi
Take Charge of your Body, Mind & Career

business casual

busi·ness ca·su·al |  ˈbiz-nəs ˈkazh-wəl

: a style of outer dress for the working professional


yo·gi | ˈyō-gē

: a person who seeks their fullest inner potential


The Business Casual Yogi

Take Charge of Your Body, Mind, and Career

The Business Casual Yogi, a new book by Vish Chatterji, MBA with Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji), PhD, makes the practice and philosophy of yoga accessible to the modern professional. Yoga has long been embraced by the Western world for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, but this new book lays out a complete, integrated lifestyle philosophy along with rewarding physical exercise for internal and external strength, focus, and calm. As yoga pervades mainstream society, its philosophies, frameworks, and techniques are proving increasingly relevant to the modern business world’s obsession with personal leadership development and emotional intelligence.



Vish, a successful California technology entrepreneur turned executive coach, and Vishva-ji, a world-renowned Himalayan yoga master with a PhD—have created a practical approach to attaining a better lifestyle without needing prior yoga experience.


AVAILABLE November 2019

The Business Casual Yogi will be available in both Amazon Kindle and paperback editions November 5th, 2019.

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“As a successful executive from the business world, having undergone extensive yogic training, Vish offers a very credible, articulate, and thoughtful approach to improving the quality of our professional lives by appropriately leveraging the principles of yoga in a business context.”

—Kash Rangan, Managing Director, Bank of America